Why Use Dumbbells?

Many people ask, how can I build the body of my dreams? We have your answer. Free weight training with dumbbells gives the user a wide range of exercises that apply both positive and negative resistance for maximum results. There are many advantages to using dumbbells instead of weight machines. When you use free weights, all of the muscles you are working are entirely engaged as you balance and lift the weights. Weight machines keep weights in a fixed position while you move through your motion. With free weights, you must maintain proper form which not only helps you build muscles, but helps build your stabilizer muscles as well. Free weight training will always be considered the best form of training.

Dumbbell Types

Adjustable dumbbells consist of a metal bar whose centre portion is often engraved with a crosshatch pattern (knurling) to improve grip. Weight disks (plates) are slid onto the outer portions of the dumbbell and secured with clips or collars. Shown to the right is a "spinlock" dumbbell, whose ends are threaded to accept large nuts as collars. Alternatively, a dumbbell may have smooth ends with plates being secured by a sprung collar. Nowadays, many commercially sold dumbbells are available with sophisticated, and easy-to-use methods for weight increments adjustments. This is meant to afford ease of use, thus preventing the need to stop workouts in order to raise or lower the weights.

Fixed-weight dumbbells are weights created in a dumbbell shape. Inexpensive varieties consist of cast iron, sometimes coated with rubber or neoprene for comfort, and even cheaper versions consist of a rigid plastic shell that is filled with concrete.

"Selectorized" dumbbells are adjustable dumbbells whose number of plates (i.e. weight) can be easily changed when resting in the dumbbell stand. This is achieved by adjusting the number of plates that follow the handle when lifted, e.g. by turning a dial or moving a selector pin — rather than manually adding or removing plates. This makes it very easy to change the weight of the dumbbell between exercises, and the stand typically doubles as storage for the additional weights not being used for a particular exercise.

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